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Silver Dragon Dinner menu
Silver Dragon Take-Out menu



11:30 am to 10 pm


$14 to $27;
live lobster at market price;
Peking duck from $32;
Dinner for two to ten, $40 to $230


$27 to $42, 14 choices,
$7 to $8.50 by the glass,
8 choices;
Chinese, other imported and local beers


109 Spray Avenue



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Silver Dragon

In 1988, famous Silver Dragon restaurant in Chinatown of Calgary opened a second location in the mountains bringing authentic Chinese cuisine to Banff. Expert chefs cook in Cantonese and Szechuan styles using fresh ingredients. Flavourful and attractively presented dishes include popular stir fried garden vegetables, ginger beef, steamed fish, Peking duck and Szechuan fish in spicy broth. The restaurant is fully licensed and offers a great Rocky Mountain view. Their patio is open in summer. Groups are accommodated at large round tables, and take-out and delivery are available.

Menu Samples

  • Appetizers: spring rolls; dry spareribs; grilled pork and vegetable dumplings; salt and pepper seafood
  • Soup: hot and sour; won ton; seafood; chicken noodle
  • Rice: fried rice with choice of vegetables, chicken, pork, shrimp or beef; steamed rice
  • Noodles: signature Silver Dragon special chow mein, Shanghai-style fried thick noodles; Singapore-style noodles; pan fried noodles with beef
  • Vegetables: stir fried garden vegetable; egg foo yung; baby bok choy; Chinese broccoli; Szechuan eggplant
  • Duck: Peking duck; duck with ginger and spring onions, BBQ duck
  • Chicken: special crispy chicken; sizzling chicken hot pot; stir fried chicken with almonds; palace-style chicken; sweet and sour chicken balls; lemon chicken
  • Beef: ginger fried beef; Mongolian beef; beef with black pepper sauce on a hot plate; curry beef hot pot
  • Pork: braised pork with vegetables; mu shu pork with crêpes; Peking-style loins; honey garlic spareribs
  • Seafood: steamed or stir fried live lobster; sea bass; sautéed scallops with peapods; salt and pepper squid; Szechuan fish in spicy broth
  • Desserts: almond Jello; kiwi surprise; banana split