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Dining choices in Banff are as varied as the area’s outdoor adventure options. Consult this restaurant guide if you’ve got a craving, be it for home-style cooking, a juicy steak or Banff’s signature Rocky Mountain Cuisine.

Banff Dining Guide will help you find the perfect restaurant by providing a tempting selection of Banff’s favourite restaurants. Browse restaurant choices by clicking on your cuisine category choice at the top of the page.

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Banff Restaurant Blog

Wannabe Banff Cowboy Rides to a Steak Dinner

June 9, 2014
Wilderness Cookout

  In the corral, I stood in my thin converse sneakers as a tall brown horse was brought to me. I am so out of my element, I thought. Was this Holiday on Horseback Wilderness Cookout really a good idea?   “Meet Comanche,” a cowboy guide cheerfully said as he shoved reins into my unsure [continued…]

Meze Dining at Banff’s Balkan

April 8, 2014

    When in Greece… Our favourite way to eat at The Balkan is to share appetizers (mezethes). We always order Horiatiki salad, hummus and flambéed saganaki. Then we pick from starters like Greek meatballs, dolmathes, kalamari and spanakopita; conveniently, these all come on the Pikilia share platter. We also consider fried feta balls, charred [continued…]

Banff’s Chinese Restaurant has a New Location

March 19, 2014

    Silver Dragon, a 26-year veteran of Banff’s dining scene, has vacated its downtown location in favour of new digs south of the Bow River bridge (109 Spray Ave). Co-owner Josephine Tsu presided over the renovation of what was previously Phil’s Restaurant; customers will appreciate mountain views from three sides (we recommend the panorama [continued…]

  • Bison-Eden-HotTip

    Keeping it Local

    Many Banff restaurants use ingredients raised by Alberta and BC farms:

    • The Bison Bistro’s rosemary rack of lamb from Ewe-Nique Farms is accompanied by caponata made with tomatoes and eggplant from Broxburn Farms. “Knowing the farmers leads to extra respect for the food and appreciation of the quality,” says executive chef Liz Gagnon.

    Eden’s chef de cuisine David Hassel loves “utilizing local ingredients able to ignite all of our guests’ senses.” High Country’s bison tenderloin is served with Fairwinds Farm’s organic goat’s milk and barley porridge (pictured above).

  • Bamboo-Garden-Pineapple-HotTip

    Mixed Menu of Asian Delights

    If you’d like to sample a variety of Asian cuisines try dining at Bamboo Garden. Owner Eagle Ling enjoys introducing popular dishes from Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam to the uninitiated. When asked how he decides what to add to his menu, Eagle simply responds: “It tastes good.” And you can’t argue with that.

  • lobster-HotTip

    Surf n’ Turf

    They may be ugly, but they sure are tasty! At Melissa’s Steakhouse & Family Restaurant pick your crustacean from the only live lobster tank in the Bow Valley. These Canadian delicacies are flown in to Calgary from the Atlantic coast daily. Enjoy lobster on its own, or lobsters-for-two with a succulent filet of Alberta beef to share.

  • Bumpers-HotTip

    New Location for a Venerable Steakhouse

    Bumper’s The Beef House may have a new location at the Rundlestone Lodge but its reputation as a Banff tradition since 1975 lives on. Its fun, casual character remains as does the popular all-you-can-eat salad bar and prime cuts of Alberta AAA steaks. New is a breakfast buffet and fireplace lounge with big-screens and nightly drink specials.

  • Balkanarnipisto

    Tender Lamb

    Oven roasted for 12 hours, arni pisto at Balkan Restaurant is Alberta lamb so tender that it falls off the shank. Organic oregano grown in the Balkan owners’ ancestral village contributes to the exquisite aroma and taste. “My cousin brings it over by the suitcase,” says restaurateur Stavros Karlos. The Stolen Lamb version of arni pisto, topped with stewed vegetables and Greek feta, is a “hearty dish that’s excellent in winter,” notes Stavros.

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